Cory Desliva “Someday when I’m young”

Talking about why I like this album is a little like trying to expound on why Oreo cookies and cold milk are so perfect together.  Of course it’s good; you know they’re meant to be together.  Whether you’re a fan of classic seventies material strangely familiar of a short pudgy guy with spectacle glasses, or of a mop-headed foursome, or of modern independent singer/songwriter crooning, you will love Cory Desilva’s much anticipated freshmen release ”Someday When I’m Young.”  Just holding a physical copy of the album awakens a sense of intrigue, making you feel you need to own this piece of art. The album starts off beautifully, like the gradual building and crackling of a campfire, with “Mezzo City.”  This tune has a fantastic acoustic rock riff and swooping harmonies in the choruses that really get your attention right out of the gate.  Cory does a great job mixing a good funk jive in with some progressive guitar parts. Throughout the album Cory performs several mid-tempo, slow shuffles.  A prime example is “Just The Way I Like You.”  While hard-core punk rock fans like myself might be searching for that aggressive sound, I have to admit that you can listen to this for a long time and not get a headache.  And it definitely scores points for mass appeal.  “Help Me Girl” exhibits a sensitive side of Cory.  Just when a tear is starting to form, he snaps you out of it with the pulsating intro to “It Can Only Go Up From Here,” which takes youthful, naive, and somewhat clumsy Taupin lyrics and molds them into an inspired hymn for survival and escape.  Cory’s angelic crooning and bare boned piano takes you on a completely different path when you least expect it with melodies like “Short & Sweet,” where Cory displays his talent on the instrument.  I’d be hard pressed if you were to ask me to choose my favorite off the album.  While I’m a bit partial to the aforementioned “Short & Sweet,” there’s also the soul-drenched “Don’t Know” and the title track “Some Day When I’m Young.”  The album has room for them all and they play together nicely.  There is no denying that this album canvases the optimistic, melancholy and searching emotions of a young man, nor can one completely ignore that Cory is an old soul.  It’s a unique record, with hints of the familiar, and well worth owning for any music enthusiast.  With so much talent and ambition in someone so young on their first try, it would not surprise me if it became a collector’s piece someday.



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