The buzz..

Today’s music is much like the buzzing from a fridge, apparent and on the surface of conciseness, but given time it turns into something you just  learn to tolerate. I think music (art) should be on the forefront of our minds, pricking, and provoking emotions from under the surface, inviting  them out of the basement so to speak. Causing the listener to wrestle with  insecurities, eternity, loss, joy, or his or her place in the universe. Causing the scale to be turned inward. There is only a hand full of albums that are consistently on my music rotation. These albums have been with me through battles, and long drives. Only a few have been there when I need to clear my mind.

In the world of music and progressive rock, there are few bands that have such a drive and furry behind their music than Angels and Airwaves. From the very first track AVA comes out with heart throbbing, epic, beautiful sounds that  have no equal, in my opinion. Everything you think you know about music needs to be thrown out the window. These guys have a genuine approach to creating music. From the album cover to the music itself, there is an explosion of creativity and artistry. And that brings me to the part of the blog where I start Bitch’n…

Blink 182 is back and I’m only kind of happy about it. Tom Delonge (Guitarist and one of the vocals of Blink 182) was on his way to legendary status with Angels and Airwaves. I was really glad he was doing something else. He was really inventing and forging forward with new sounds, reinventing himself from being a Punk Rock icon to someone who was making fresh new tunes. But, instead of forging forward as a potential music icon/legend he has decided to shrink back to his old juvenile self/band. Which isn’t a terrible idea, but instead of singing about heavier things, such as, life, death, world peace, and Space travel, etc., Tom is back to curb photos and penis jokes instead of epic super nova sounds. I’m not saying I don’t like Blink, I’m just saying leave the past in the past man. I think I liked the boys in Blink better when they were doing their new projects. It really seemed as if they were growing up and finally done with puberty. I thought plus 44 was ok, but I did feel as if Mark’s (Mark Hoppus, Singer and bassist of Blink 182 and plus 44) writing style alone was better because there was no compromise from Tom in the writing proses. I saw a darker and more transparent side of Mark. I was wrong I guess. It was a breath of fresh air for me to know the boys I grew up listening to had finally grown up, and so had I. It just funny to me to see a whole new generation of teens being introduced to Blink, some of which weren’t even conceived before “Dude Ranch.” This is scary to me, only because I don’t know what the music industry has been doing for the last ten years. I’m so bored. And the fact that Blink can emerge after five years with no competition and be cutting edge again makes me wonder. Ive felt this way for a LONG time. Call me old and set in my ways, but seriously. Dude!!!! Blink is old.

Anyways, I’m not bashing Blink, they’re good. Just not great. They’re a punk band and learned how to play all their songs in like one hour, all power chords folks!!

On another note; Creed is back and has released a new album…

Feelings of scorn rise to the surface of my being when I hear Scott Stapp’s voice. I was seriously more excited about the B 52’s reunion tour… The reasons they are back together astounds me..

They essentially got back together because of quote; “we want to prove our critics wrong”

AND Scott shaved his head. To me they sound like a more angry Creed, more grungy and less spiritual…  Although the song “Rain” is not bad. I’m reminded  of when Vanilla Ice finally came back and reinvented himself through years of self hatred. He came back angry and venomous. I’m not really sure if that’s a good idea dragging everyone through that process. (am I talking to myself  over here?)


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