I’ve been contemplating the plight of human existence and have come up with a few thoughts. I was thinking of purpose and the essence of human expression and how it effects ones existence. I’ve heard and had a few conversations on how people need to exercise their gifts to feel as if they are truly alive. I was visiting my step father and he was showing me all of his hot rods that he restores. He made a comment that really stuck with me; “I love doing this, I cant not do this.” I was also talking to a Karyn and she was telling me about how she needs to paint and be creative to feel alive and I was reminded that God has put gifts in all of us and how we need to be acting on them to accomplish his work on the Earth. Its almost as if we feel conviction when we aren’t fulfilling our purpose. Recently I was feeling kind of lazy and a little depressed for no good reason when I realized I haven’t written, played the guitar, just kind of existing. So I started writing and after I wrote I felt great.

I’m wondering if some depression is the result of the lack of expression? (I know.. duhh?) Not sure, just a thought. I was praying a while ago and was asking God why I wasn’t inspired and why I had consecutive days of writers block. I felt he wanted me to read, listen to music, and just soak up inspiration for my self. My mindset of the creative medium was wrong. I was doing it for performance reasons and not for spiritual release and for Him.

I think fear is a big part of not being creative as well. We live in a performance oriented society. You see it on American Idol and other shows where people are critiqued and rejected. None of us want to be criticized or judged so we keep our ideas to ourselves. But only the ones who standout are the ones who change history. Whether you’re your own judge or if its in front of Simon. The point is to be your self and not to care about what people think, because your expression isn’t for them. We have too many people pleaser’s. If you feed off of approval it will kill your creativity. Do it for you!!

So if you’re feeling depressed or just not fulfilled maybe you should do some self discovery.. Go on a walk.. listen to music.. Sing, paint, do something cliche or original. the point is; You have to try!!.. God Loves you!!

P.S you don’t have to be a pastor or a teacher to be valuable in the kingdom.. Be a plummer, or make sound effects. God created you!! Be you!!

P.S.S Solution for writers block: Temporary suckage:)


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